Wednesday, June 15, 2016

NEW: Woodhead® Haztex® High-Output LED Haz-Duty Light

Developed for harsh environments where uptime and safety are critical, the Wodhead® Haztex® High-Output LED Haz-Duty Light utilizes an integral LED light engine to provide unmatched durability and light output in a portable hazardous-location rated fixture

Features & Benefits:

Integral LED Light Engine Delivers extreme durability for use in the most hazardous of conditions. Eliminates any chance for failure as the light source cannot be unscrewed or unmated
High-Output LED Provides 15% more luminosity and ten times more lamp life than a 100W incandescent bulb.
20W Power Consumption Reduces power-infrastructure costs by requiring smaller generators, smaller wire sizes and fewer receptacles. Generates less heat for more effective usage in environments that are often very hot already
Pre-installed LED Eliminates the cost and time needed for lamp installation and replacement. Creates a “plug and play” solution for hazardous-environment lighting


Industrial – Oil and Gas
  Petrochemical Plant Shut Downs
  Painting and Chipping
  Tank and Vessel Inspections

REFERENCE INFORMATION: UL File No.: E30252 (cULus Listed)

Hazardous Locations:
Class I, Division I, Groups C and D
Class II, Division I, Groups F and G
Class I, Zone 1, Group IIB
Temperature Rating: T4

Voltage (max.): 120V AC
Voltage with Plug: 120V AC
Power draw (max): 20W
Plug (for fixtures with cable): NEMA 5-15
(ordinary location rated)

NEMA Rating: NEMA 4X

Switch: No
Construction: Aluminum with Nylon handle
Fixture Lumens: 750

NOTE: Fixtures rated at 12V include an in-line driver to step down the 120V supply voltage to 12V or less. The driver enclosure must remain outside the hazardous environment.