Thursday, April 9, 2015

Save Labour with New Conduit Options From Wheatland Tube

Wheatland Tube a Division of JMC Steel Group

SpeedCouple: Pre-installed Swivel Coupling The engineered steel factory-installed SpeedCouple swivel coupling connects in as little as half the time of conventional couplings. Just turn SpeedCouple, not the heavy conduit or elbows, and let the lead-in threads do most of the work. Eliminate purchasing inventory and installation of couplings. It's easier on your crew and your budget!
  • Available on 10' and 20' DuraGuard™ Rigid and Elbows
  • Trade sizes for DuraGuard Rigid and Elbows: 2"–5"
  • Listed as concrete tight

 SmartSet EMT
With SmartSet, you don’t have to purchase, inventory and install separate couplings. The engineered steel set screw coupling comes built into one end of every piece of EMT so you can work smarter — saving you time and money on every job. To run as fast This product is listed to safety as possible, try our exclusive 20' lengths!
    • Available in 9 vibrant colors 
    • 10' & 20' lengths 
    • Trade sizes 1-¼"–4"