Monday, March 30, 2015

Motor Trouble Causing You Grief? Let EB Horsman & Son Help!

We Now Carrying ALL-TEST Pro, LLC AT5 Motor Circuit Analyzer

Finally – Predictive Maintenance Made VERY easy!  
The ideal instruments for troubleshooting, quality     control and trending of electric motors, transformers   and generators
  • Complete stator & rotor analysis - Detect faults in AC & DC motors, transformers & generators
  • Auto diagnosis within instrument - immediate health status report
  • Route-based testing and trending - ideal for predictive maintenance
  • Tests can be performed from distances of over 1,000 feet away
  • Report shows bad connections, winding & turn faults, air gap, broken bar, contamination and ground faults

About All-TEST Pro, LLC
ALL-TEST Pro, LLC provides the most advanced predictive maintenance testing and troubleshooting tools for AC and DC motors, coils, windings, transformers, generators and more to a wide range of industries worldwide. With a full line of testing instruments, software, accessories and training programs, ALL-TEST Pro has the tools you need to perform advanced non-destructive motor testing and analysis for both de-energized motor circuit analysis and energized electrical signature and power analysis. More than 12,000 testing instruments have been sold worldwide.

Several of the easy-to-use models include intuitive integrated software, enabling users to perform testing and report on equipment trending and analysis with a single hand-held instrument. Models for de-energized motors provide early detection of internal winding faults for predictive maintenance, quality control and troubleshooting. Energized motor testing models provide immediate information about incoming power and mechanical and electrical health, as well as analysis of the driven load. Built-in memory allows for storage of test data for reference.

Most instruments come standard with software for data upload to a PC for printing, further analysis, cross-referencing and routing, as well as creating a history of any problems and solutions. 

Software is offered for multi-users. The extensive capabilities of the instruments, coupled with dependable post-sale training and technical support, ensure improved productivity, reduced downtime and a rapid return on investment.