Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Siemens FirstSurge - Total Home Surge Protection

Total Home Protection 

Siemens believes today’s residential surge protectors come up short when protecting today’s modern home filled with smart appliances and electronics.

This is why they developed our FirstSurge™ commercial class total home surge protectors. These electrical system surge protectors are sized for where you live. They will let you know when there is something wrong or when they are worn out.

Features & Benefits 

• UL 1449 Listed, Type 2, Surge Protective Device (SPD)
• Rated for 120/240 split phase panels up to 400A
• Surge Current Capacities: - 60,000 A - 100,000 A - 140,000 A
• 3 Stage Commercial Grade Notification
• Ground Reference Monitoring (GRM)
• Installs onto any brand load center
• Type 4 rated outdoor enclosure
• 10 year product and connected equipment warranty*

*See warranty for details