Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Siemens 600V Meter Centre

Siemens Canada is pleased to announce the availability of the 600V Meter Centre product line starting on September 1st 2015.  Siemens 600V metering line will offer an ideal solution for restricted space projects. This new metering solution for 600Y/347V applications has been designed in Canada based on contractors’ feedback.  Each meter stack houses features designed with the contractor in mind, to maximize productivity and minimize labour costs.

The new 600V Meter centre offering includes:

Compact 4 meter socket configuration allowing up to 200A sub-service capacity.
25kA rated main tenant circuit breakers.
600A and 1200A main bus capacity.
Up to 42,000 AIC short circuit rating @ 1200A when used with HRC Class L type fuse.
Large and accessible wireway separated from meter area, facilitating the cabling at 600V.
Easy access to horizontal bars connections and bottom plate simplifying the installation process.

Siemens 600V Meter Centres are manufactured in Canada for fast delivery, better service and easy access to a full range of accessories and replacement parts.