Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3M Fire Barrier Now In Stock!

3M is proud to be the industry leader in firestopping. Their dedication to stringent testing and code developments help make buildings safer today than they were even 10 years ago. And when that dedication is backed by a brand as powerful as 3M, you get what you would expect – proven reliability and outstanding service.

The construction industry is increasingly moving toward easy-to-use firestop solutions. That’s why 3M, in its leadership role, provides cutting-edge and fully integrated systems. These systems are designed to help you efficiently build safer buildings that protect lives and property.

We stock the 3M Fire Barrier products that you demand!

3M  Fire Barrier Packing Material PM 4
Lightweight packing material to be used with through-penetration firestops. Approved for use in up to 4 hour firestop systems.
3M  Fire Barrier Self-Locking Pillows
Interlocking strips hold pillows securely together yet release easily for retrofit or reuse – just remove and replace pillows as needed.

3M  Fire Barrier CS-195+ Composite Sheet
Ideal for fire-stopping blank openings and through-penetrations of multiple cables, pipe
ducts, buss ducts and cable trays.
3M  Fire Barrier CP 25WB+ Sealant
Our most popular firestop sealant approved up to 4 hours when used with most plastic and
metal pipes.

3M  Fire Barrier Watertight Sealant 1000 NS
Non-slumping silicone with up to 3-hour fire protection.

3M  Fire Barrier Watertight Sealant 1003 SL
Self-leveling silicone with up to 3-hour fire protection.

3M  Fire Barrier Moldable Putty MP+ Sticks & Pads
Designed to firestop a wide variety of through penetrations, including: cable, conduit, insulated pipe and metal pipe.