Monday, April 30, 2012

Siemens LOGO! with Ethernet Now in Stock

You have grown with LOGO! and you want to always be able to solve more tasks with a greater demand on industrial communication? Then, the new LOGO! 0BA7 devices are the ideal solution!

        Now Stocking  6ED1052-1FB00-0BA7 & 6ED1052-1MD00-0BA7

Standard Ethernet interface as
the programming interface and
communication with other LOGO!
basic 0BA7 devices or SIMATIC
automation components such
as SIMATIC S7 CPUs, HMI Panels
and PCs
  • Up to 9 LOGO's can be  networked
  • Data Logging
  • Standard SD Storage Card
  • Program & Connect with LOGO! 0BA6

Machine controls

Residential and commercial building services
·         Motor, pump and valve controls

·         Interior and exterior lighting control
·         Air compressors

·         Door/gate control
·         Exhaust and filtering systems

·         Shutter, sun blind and awning control
·         Water-treatment plants

·         Irrigation system control
·         Woodworking machinery

·         Etching and purification plants

Operational monitoring systems

Unique applications
·         Access control 

·         Solar-electric systems
·         Vehicle control monitoring

·         Marine
·         Alarm systems

·         Harsh environments
·         Level limit monitoring

·         Display Panels and traffic control signs
·         Traffic light control systems

·         Baggage handling